Thundering beats, earthy tones and fiery lyrics of inspirational revolution is what best describe Montreal's most influential and accomplished collection of musicians known as the Kalmunity Vibe Collective. 

Founded in 2003 by creative director and drummer Jahsun, Kalmunity is Canada's largest artistic collective of professional and notable musicians, vocalists, dancers, DJs and more whom gather weekly to produce 2 of Canada's longest running musical improv events. 

The collectives live performances are known for their unique take on freestyle composition that has come be known as “live organic improv”, a phrase coined by the founder of the collective. Their musical style blends flavors of all music including rhythm and blues, hip hop, dancehall, rock, blues, spoken word, afrobeat, funk, jazz, roots, electronic and much more. 

The vast array of vocalists that share the mic deliver lyrics that reflect diverse perspectives highlighting stories of struggle, oppression, triumph, love, current affairs and more. The result of each Kalmunity gathering can only be described as nothing less than magic that has kept devoted fans from all walks of life coming back time and time again to witness these once in a lifetime performances that generally leave those in attendance awestruck and breathless. 

Since its inception at a quaint eatery known as Sablo Kafe that could barely hold 100 patrons comfortably, Kalmunity's professionalism and devotion to high quality musicianship has enabled them to grow into a weekly venue (Petit Campus) that holds upwards of 300 concert goers. The collective also hosts a weekly Sunday night jazz session at Cafe Resonance that is frequented by hundreds of jazz enthusiasts each month of each year. The consistency of both nights, along with hundreds of feature bookings & concert collaborations, tons of off shoot events, countless festival appearances and musical workshops for youths and adults both home and abroad have aided in creating an immense and unrivaled network of die hard followers across the globe.

For the past 12 years Kalmunity has consistently been named best jazz, spoken word, hip hop and live act in Montreal by publications such as Cult MTL, Le Camuz and the Montreal Mirror. They were also named one of the top 10 cool things to do in Montreal by Local Montreal Tours in 2015. Kalmunity has independently released two ep's as well as an anthology of literature entitled The Talking Book featuring original poems by members of the collective. They have been featured in a host of live radio, tv and online broadcasts and walked away with top honors in CBC’s Digital Diversity competition for the short film "Jahsun".

Now just over 13 years into the experience, Kalmunity shows no signs of letting up or slowing down and continues to be noted as a super group of outspoken innovators who aim to aid free and unhindered expression while carrying live organic improv into the forefront of modern music.